Technology R&D


Hardware-Accelerated Big Data Stream Processing Appliance for Apache Storm

  • Highly tuned turnkey HW+SW appliance
  • Base SW: World-renowned Apache Storm
  • Acceleration obtained by Software configuration and tuning and Hardware (FPGA and GPU) accelerator inside



Internet-of-Things for Online Pollutant Monitoring

(2017-to date) IoToP is a technology we are developing for online measurement and monitoring of PM2.5 and PM10 air pollutants to be deployed at scales as large as cities and countries. Sensors at car exhausts and buildings chimneys measure the produced pollutants and displayed for car/building owners on their mobile phones; furthermore, the data is collected over mobile data network to the central system where it is stored for various data mining, analysis, and visualisation.



Computation Accelerator for Gas and Oil Exploration

(2016- to date) Seismic reflection techniques, which are among the most widely used ways in hydrocarbon exploration, need immense amounts of computation to extract subsurface information from wave reflection data collected by surface sensors from artificially produced waves. We develop technologies and tools to accelerate processing of such data so as to reduce the processing time (in the order of months by ordinary servers) by an order of magnitude.



Online monitoring and management of human resources

(2014-2016) Padidar is a Software-as-a-Service cloud product comprising a mobile app and a server backend system for management and monitoring of human resources while on duty in urban and rural areas. It is specifically designed for ATM and POS service providers and is under commercialisation by two of the biggest banks of the country. Padidar web frontend as well as app are bilingual (Persian and English). Padidar SaaS site is available here…